Study Guide 11

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.

____ 1. In classful addressing, only Class A, Class B, and Class C addresses are recognized.

____ 2. The “0” bits in a subnet mask indicate that corresponding bits in an IP address contain network information.

____ 3. CIDR is not exclusive of subnetting; it merely provides additional ways of arranging network and host information in an IP address.

____ 4. Routers that rely on older routing protocols, such as RIP, are capable of interpreting classless IP addresses.

____ 5. When a router is used as a gateway, it must maintain routing tables as well.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 6. Leasing an entire Class C network of addresses gives you ____ usable IP addresses.

a. 200 c. 357
b. 254 d. 500

____ 7. A(n) ____ indicates where network information is located in an IP address.

a. CIDR c. subnet mask
b. gateway d. ICS host

____ 8. The formula for determining how to modify a default subnet mask is ____.

a. 2n - 2 = Y c. 2n - 1 = Y
b. 2n - 4 = Y d. 4n - 2 = Y

____ 9. Together, the additional bits used for subnet information plus the existing network ID are known as the ____.

a. network prefix c. NAT
b. extended network prefix d. supernet mask

____ 10. A subnet created by moving the subnet boundary to the left is known as a(n) ____.

a. toll bypass c. softphone
b. supernet mask d. supernet

____ 11. ____ are a combination of software and hardware that enable two different network segments to exchange data.

a. Intranets c. Softphones
b. Gateways d. ICS hosts

____ 12. A network that uses Internet-like services and protocols to exchange information within an organization and with certain, authorized users outside of that organization is known as a(n) ____.

a. intranet c. extranet
b. supernet d. PBX

____ 13. ____ is the protocol responsible for moving messages from one mail server to another over TCP/IP-based networks.

a. MIME c. VoIP
b. SMTP d. PBX

____ 14. ____ is a standard for encoding and interpreting binary files, images, video, and non-ASCII character sets within an e-mail message.

a. IMAP c. POP

____ 15. ____ is an Application layer protocol used to retrieve messages from a mail server.

a. POP c. NAT
b. MIME d. ICS

____ 16. ____ is a mail retrieval protocol that was developed as a more sophisticated alternative to POP3.

a. SMTP c. ICS

____ 17. The netstat ____ command allows you to display the routing table on a given machine.

a. -a c. -r
b. -e d. -p

____ 18. On networks that run NetBIOS over TCP/IP, the ____ utility can provide information about NetBIOS statistics and resolve NetBIOS names to their IP addresses.

a. netstat c. tracert
b. nbtstat d. nslookup

____ 19. The ____ utility allows you to query the DNS database from any computer on the network and find the host name of a device by specifying its IP address, or vice versa.

a. nbtstat c. tracert
b. netstat d. nslookup

____ 20. The utility that allows you to query the DNS registration database and obtain information about a domain is called ____.

a. whois c. ifconfig
b. netstat d. dig

____ 21. The ____ utility uses ICMP to trace the path from one networked node to another, identifying all intermediate hops between the two nodes.

a. dig c. nslookup
b. netstat d. traceroute

____ 22. ____ is a command-line utility that provides information about a network adapter’s IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.

a. winipcfg c. dig
b. Ipconfig d. ifconfig

____ 23. The ____ utility performs the same TCP/IP configuration and management as the ipconfig utility, but applies to Windows 9x and Me operating systems.

a. netstat c. whois
b. dig d. winipcfg

____ 24. ____ is the TCP/IP configuration and management utility used on UNIX-type of systems.

a. winipcfg c. nbstat
b. Ifconfig d. dig

____ 25. In classful addressing, the network information portion of an IP address (the network ID) is limited to the first ____ bits in a Class A address.

a. 4 c. 8
b. 6 d. 10

____ 26. When working on a UNIX-type of system, you can limit the maximum number of router hops the traceroute command allows by typing the ____ switch.

a. -m c. -e
b. -a d. -r

Complete each sentence or statement.

27. ____________________ depends on the use of subnet masks to identify how a network is subdivided.

28. In CIDR terminology, the forward slash, plus the number of bits used for the extended network prefix - for example,“/22” - is known as a(n) ____________________.

29. The gateways that make up the Internet backbone are called ____________________.

30. A network or part of a network that uses browser-based services to exchange information within an enterprise is known as a(n) ____________________.

31. ____________________ is the use of packet-switched networks and the TCP/IP protocol to transmit voice conversations.


Match each term with the correct statement below.

a. IP address f. ICS host
b. Subnetting g. SMTP
c. Broadcast address h. MIME
d. CIDR notation i. dig
e. Internet gateway

____ 32. Consists of four 8-bit octets (or bytes) that can be expressed in either binary or dotted decimal notation.

____ 33. Octet(s) that represent host information are set to equal all 1s, or in decimal notation 255.

____ 34. Incapable of doing anything more than transporting mail or holding it in a queue.

____ 35. Takes the form of the network ID followed by a forward slash (/), followed by the number of bits that are used for the extended network prefix.

____ 36. Usually assigned an IP address that ends with an octet of .1.

____ 37. A TCP/IP utility similar to nslookup.

____ 38. Separates a network into multiple logically defined segments, or subnets.

____ 39. Identifies each element of a mail message according to content type.

____ 40. Requires two network connections: one that connects to the Internet and one that connects to the LAN.

Short Answer

41. What possible reasons would a network administrator have for hiding network addresses?






42. List four features of IMAP4.






43. What are some of the disadvantages of IMAP4?

44. What type of information can you obtain from the netstat utility?





45. Under what circumstances would a traceroute test stop before reaching its destination?





46. Discuss three objectives for implementing VoIP.






47. What are the disadvantages of using VoIP?





48. What is the difference between the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and the Post Office Protocol (POP)?





49. What is the purpose of the following netstat switches: -a, -e, -n, and -p?





50. What is the difference between the nbtstat and the nslookup utility?